John Rex
              Tells Stories
                and Sings
              Songs of His
                Uncle Jim

John Rex Reeves, the only nephew of Jim Reeves to carry on the Reeves musical tradition, knew Jim very well. He spent time with Jim fishing in the Sabine River in east Texas and hunting squirrels in the piney woods. He was an honorary pall bearer at his funeral in Carthage and like many other relatives and country music fans, was devastated when Jim left us. John Rex is the first to say that there will never be another voice like Jim Reeves but when you hear his voice there is no mistaking the Reeves quality. In this CD, which also contains songs of his own, John Rex tells stories of Jim and sings some of the songs that Jim would sing to him, just he and his guitar. John Rex continues to do shows and he always does some Jim Reeves tributes. Here is your chance to find out about the "intimate Jim Reeves" and to hear songs in the way that Jim really liked to perform them, up close and personal. Songs include: T for Texas, Am I Losing You, I Missed Me, A Fallen Star, What Would You Do, Still In Houston Loving You, You Can't Stop Me, If I'm A Fool For Loving You, It Ain't No Big Thing But It's Growing,When You See It For Yourself. To order click here.

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