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Bill Mack is one of the true legends of country music. As a writer, Bill won a Grammy for the LeAnn Rimes hit, Blue. His classic Drinking Champagne was a hit for both Dean Martin and George Strait. Long time D.J. and "Midnight Cowboy" for WBAP radio, Bill is a member of The Country Music D.J. Hall of Fame and The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. I got a chance to meet Bill Mack at The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Awards weekend last year when he stopped by to visit at my dad's Pickin' Party. Besides being a great DJ, writer and a nice guy, he is also a great entertainer. He had a crowd of nearly 1000 laughing out loud and eating out of the palms of his hands as he did an imitation of Dean Martin doing 'Drinking Champagne' . When I asked Bill a short time ago if he could contribute something to our Family Tribute web site, he could not have been more gracious or quick.
Thanks so much, Bill Mack.

Bill Mack Productions 

After being a part of the country music scene for fifty years, I can honestly 
say Jim Reeves was one of the most important individuals to ever become a 
part of my life...both professionally and personally. 

Basically, Jim and I had similar "roots".  He began his career as a radio personality/newsman in East Texas.  I began my career as a radio 
personality/newsman in West Texas. 

There, of course, our careers took separate routes; Jim went on to become 
one of the most successful singers in the history of music.  Although, his 
choice was in the styling of music that would be categorized as"country", he 
was capable of drawing millions of fans from all avenues of music.  His voice, 
considered by many to be the 'smoothest of them all', attracted people in 
the 'pop' field as well as 'country'. 

I am most happy to say Jim Reeves was also a very good friend.  I was to 
appear on many shows with Jim and his band, The Blue Boys.  As a matter of 
fact, I was scheduled to be with Jim at Panther Hall Ballroom in Forth Worth 
on August 8, 1964, one week after his death on July 31 of that year. 

Like so many others, I will always consider Jim Reeves irreplaceable.  He 
was, and still is, a very important voice in musical entertainment. 

-Bill Mack

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