Jim Reeves Discography

It's has been very hard to put together a complete list of Jim's recordings. The following is a partial list of some of his more popular recordings. Several of Jim's records are still available in record shops and on the internet. The best collection I have found is by the German company, Bear Family Records. They offer a collection of 16 CDs which has almost everything Jim ever recorded. It's expensive, though. They also offer some smaller collections which are more affordable.

1. My Heart's Like a Welcome Mat, 1949.
2. Mexican Joe, 1953.
3. My Rambling Heart, 1954.
4. The Padre of Old San Antone, 1954.
5. Where Does a Broken Heart Go, 1956.
6. Yonder Comes a Sucker, 1955.
7. According To My Heart, 1956.
8. Four Walls, 1957.
9. Blue Boy, 1958.
10. Billy Bayou, 1958.
11. Am I Losing You, 1959.
12. Home, 1959.
13. Partners, 1959.
14. Need Me, 1957.
15.I Know One, 1961.
16. He'll Have to Go, 1959.
17. In a Mansion Stands My Love, 1959.
18. I Missed Me, 1960.
19. A Railroad Bum, 1961.
20. Welcome to My World, 1961.
21. I'm Gonna Change Everything, 1962.
22. Little Ole Dime, 1963.
23. Love is No Excuse, with Dottie West,  1963.
24. Rosa Rio, 1963.
25. I Won't Forget You, 1961.
26. Maureen, 1964.
27. Is It Really Over, 1964.
28. Missing You, 1964.
29. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight, released as a duet in 1979.
30. Have You Ever Been Lonely, released as a duet with Patsy Cline in 1981.

The above songs are all contained in the collection "The Essential Jim Reeves" put out by BMG music.

But who can forget these recordings?

Bimbo, Moon River, In The Misty Moonlight, Distant Drums, Blue Side of Lonesome, Old Tige,
Penny Candy, Am I That Easy to Forget, You'll Never Know, Make the World Go Away, I Can't Stop Loving You, Moonlight and Roses, Angels Don't Lie, I Guess I'm Crazy, Danny Boy, Strike It Rich, A Nickle Piece of Candy, Silver Bells, Jingle Bells, The Merry Christmas Polka, Silent Night, Senor Santa Claus, Roses are Red My Love, Adios Amigo, Just Walking in the Rain, A Fallen Star, Waitin For a Train, Why Do I Love You, Stand at Your Window, What Would You Do, Maria Elena, Scarlet Ribbons, Snowflake, Ichabod Crane and Anna Marie

To reach Bear Family Records go to:  www. bear-family.de

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