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** Special note- The new Jim Reeves exhibit will be opening at The Depot Museum
in Henderson, the town where Jim started his musical career as a disc jockey, on July 1, 2013

John Rex dedicates personal memorabilia and performs Jim Reeves Tribute Show at The Louisiana Hayride. Story and pictures, here.  Note: The memorabilia has been moved to the Depot Museum in Henderson, TX.

Jim's lead guitar player, Leo Jackson, passed away on May 4, 2008. Please read this letter from John Rex. here

Jim Reeves awarded star on Shreveport's Walk of Stars. To learn more about it, see pictures and read John Rex's acceptance speech click here!


ROUSING SUCCESS! Story and Photos here.

Welcome to the real world of Jim Reeves.
It's hard to believe that Jim has been gone more than 50 years. In a career matched by few country
artists, Jim was the first to become "international." His songs and velvet voice remain staples in
countries such as the UK, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Carribean
Islands and the list goes on and on. His first number one, Mexican Joe, was in 1953, but several
years later with the help of Chet Atkins he developed his smooth, baritone style for which he would
become world famous. "The Nashville Sound" as it became called, was country music's answer to
the rising popularity of rock and roll. Among Jim's biggest hits were Four Walls,Welcome to My
World, Am I Losing You, Is it Really Over and finally He'll Have to Go, just to name a few. He'll
Have to Go became a smash in '59-'60 rising to number one in the country charts and number three
in the popular charts. Today his music is still played all over the world and country music is still
looking for the "next" Jim Reeves.
This web site is a dedication to Jim by the people who knew him and loved him best-his family.
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9. Bill Mack. The legendary songwriter and  "Midnight Cowboy" talks of Jim. here 10. Kimberly Jim. Pictures from the 1963 movie and info on how to order it. here
11. Pictures of Jim at a concert in Canada, sent to our family by Arie den Dulk. here 12. Pictures of the crash, funeral and Jim's eulogy. here
13. The Jim Reeves monument and burial site in Carthage, Texas. here 14. He'll Have To Go by Joe and Audrey Allison. here
15. Book reviews of Like a Moth to A Flame by Michael Streissguth. here 16. Tillman Franks' I Was There When It Happened, featuring a good part about Jim. 
17. News concerning Jim and John Rex. here 18. About the author of this site. here
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