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In August 1962, Jim Reeves along with Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins, comedian Dick O'Shaunessy and the Blue Boys left Nashville for a tour to South Africa. As their plane landed, Jim and the others were amazed to see thousands of people of all ages and colors lining the tarmac screaming at the top of their lungs to welcome Gentleman Jim. After a short press conference inside the airport, it was all that Jim and the others could do to leave and make it to their hotel. This was the first time that Jim had been treated as a superstar. When they got to the hotel, people rushed him and for a second the crowd became so excited that Jim and the others actually feared for their lives. After several sellout shows, Jim Reeves' legend in South Africa had just begun.

In 1963, Jim went back to South Africa to film his first motion picture, Kimberly Jim. It is the story of an American gambler named Jim who wins a South African gold mine in a crooked card game. The film allowed Jim to sing and followed a somewhat formulaic plot with fights, pretty dancing girls, etc. That year Kimberly Jim was the number one grossing movie in South Africa and for years it played in the U.S.A. on UHF and late night movie programs. The movie is not available for purchase now but a company called the Blum Group has the licensing rights. The sound track featuring the songs Kimberly Jim and Strike it Rich are available on the internet at various places including The preceding pictures are scenes from the movie. Before he died, Jim had plans to make more movies and he even took acting lessons.

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