Letter from Jim Reeves to his nephew John Rex Reeves

Jim Reeves, besides being loved by his many fans throughout the world, was loved very much by his family. John Rex  was very close to his famous uncle. They grew up hunting, fishing and playing baseball and golf together. In fact John Rex played golf with Jim just two weeks before he died. One of John Rex's favorite memories of Jim was when in the early '50s he went to the Lousiana Hayride to see Jim perform. After the show, Jim introduced John Rex to Hank Williams. When Jim left the Hayride and headed east to the Grand Ole Opry he continued to maintain a close relationship with John Rex by having him to Nashville for visits and also by writing to his nephew on a regular basis. The following is one of the many letters that Jim wrote to John Rex. This letter was written at the height of Jim's popularity not long after He'll Have to Go was released. John Rex was away from Texas serving in the military as part of the White House Army Signal Agency. Although Jim had excellent penmanship the letter is printed at the end of the photos.


                                            Jan. 29, 1961

Hello Johnny;

   I've meant to write you everyday, but I'm
just fat and lazy.
   Just bought a new putter a couple of weeks
ago and its snowed every day since. Its
a Billy Caspar job and really does the trick.
   I was in Farmington, New Mex. about
three months ago and I used the Pro's clubs-
a couple of days there. This was his putter.
I bugged him so about it 'til he gave
it to me finally. I really can put with
it. I think I'll see when this snow
melts. We've had about ten inches.
   I've been home for three months and
kinda hate to hit the pavement again but
we have to leave for several weeks this
Tuesday-(31)-for Miss., Tex., New Mex. and Colo.

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We were home Christmas and found every-
one doing fine. O.D. and Momma are back in
DeBerry and much happier. That's home to her
and he's there with the other 'coon hunters.
   Let me know when you will have leave
and maybe we can get you down for a day
or so. I plan to work on that slice this
summer and maybe with you back in
shape you can give me some pointers.
   Mary is fine. She had trouble with an
in-grown wart on the bottom of her foot but
we finally removed it and she's back at her
howling best again.
   Well, I hope things are in fine shape
with you and do keep us posted. Hope to
see you sometime soon.

                             Jim and Mary