Scott Reeves
Hi, my name is Scott Reeves and I am the author of this web site. That's me on the left with my brother Jim, my mom Neva and our family dog, Pretzel. I am the son of John Rex Reeves and the great nephew of Jim Reeves. My grandfather, Buford, was the oldest brother of Jim. Just a little bit about myself: I have a degree in theatre from the University of Texas at Austin. I have made my living the past eight years here in Houston teaching in public school. I taught special education and fourth grade the first seven years and for the past three years I have taught theatre/speech at the high school level. As an actor I have performed when time permitted at various theatres around Texas and right now I direct plays at my church. I write and am trying to get published children's books. From time to time I announce my dad's shows, my favorite time being when we went to Scotland and England in 1991 to do a Jim Reeves tribute tour where I got to meet and greet many wonderful fans. The bottom picture is at one of my dad's recording sessions in the early nineties. That's the great piano player, Hargus "Pig" Robbins on the right.

Why I did this site

I did this site for several reasons. 1) To provide a nice place for fans to come and enjoy some memories of the greatest singer in country music history, Jim Reeves. 2) To provide a Reeves family perspective on Jim and show people that Jim's family side was even better than his public side. 3) To help in some small way continue the legacy of Jim. 4) To honor Jim in a dignified, non-sensational way. 5) To let people know that John Rex Reeves, the only Reeves relative to pursue a career in country music, is a great singer in his own right.

Two other really good and positive websites to visit are the Official Jim Reeves Site and the Dutch Jim Reeves Fan Club. To visit these sites go to the "Links Page" and click on the link. And don't forget to visit

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