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East Texas has groomed many great country artists, Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, Tex Ritter, Webb Pierce, Faron
Young, Johnny Horton, David Houston and Bob Luman. It, therefore, is not only destiny, but tradition that has
brought us John Rex Reeves. Born in Panola County in East Texas, John Rex was inspired by the late Hank
Williams and his famous uncle, the late Jim Reeves. John Rex's easy smooth style is reminiscent of his uncle, but
John Rex will be the first to tell you there will never be another Jim Reeves. John Rex has an active fan club in
England and recently toured England and Scotland where he performed to sell-out audiences. John Rex has
appeared on several television shows and is in constant demand to appear at fairs, concerts and clubs. John Rex
has an easy going personality and loves to meet as many fans as possible. He says the fan is the most important person in his career. With
his love for country music and his extraordinary talent, he is sure to reach the highest star. As you listen to these albums you'll agree John Rex Reeves has a special place in country music.
Classic Country Gold, 15.00, featuring these great songs: 1. Heartache Following Me  2. Born to Lose  3. California Blue  4. I Cried aTear  5. It's Nothing to Me  6. Just Call Me Lonesome From Now On  7. I'm Sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses  8. Lost Highway  9. Take My Hand Precious Lord  10. Where Do I Go From Here  11. Would You Catch a Falling Star
Latest cd 11/1/2015-I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home, featuring old and new songs-$15.00. 12 Songs-1. Still In Houston 2. Make The World Go Away  3. I'd Be a Legend In My Time  4. I Almost Lost My Mind  5. Today I Started Loving You Again  6. I Wish It Was That Easy  7. Part of Me  8. I'm Living In Two Worlds  9. Honey Eyed Girl  10. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  11. Reaching High For Rainbows  12. Red Mountain Wine
John Rex's 50th Anniversary of Jim's Passing Tribute cd.  $15.00
New CD:  Release date:  September 2013. Check out this new, wonderful cd by John Rex: Everybody Wants to Be in Love Again. Featuring 14 songs. 1. Everybody Wants to Be in Love Again  2. Happy Tracks 3. I Still Wouldn't Be Over You  4. I Think I'll Pick Up My Heart and Go Home  5. Lillie's White Lies  6. Ole Spare Tire  7. Rainbows Are Back in Style  8. Shopping For Dresses  9.  I'm So Afraid of Losing You Again  10. That's When I'll Call You Again  11. The Blizzard  12. Things Have Gone to Pieces  13. I Love You Because  14. I Can't Stop Loving You- (CD $15.00)
Release date May 2013. This cd is entitled Classic Country. Songs include: 1. There'll  Be No Teardrops Tonight  2. Houston Solution  3. Crazy Old Soldier  4. You're the Sweet in My Home Sweet Home  5. Angels Don't Lie  6. Nickel Piece of Candy   7. You'll Never Know  8. Rainbows and Roses  9. Trying to Love Your Leaving Down  10. Dust Upon the Snow  (CD-$15.00)

DVD-A FAMILY TRADITION-featuring nephew John Rex Reeves. Enjoy John Rex's most recent project. In this documentary style dvd, John Rex is interviewed and talks about Jim Reeves' story, his career, and his own career and the Reeves family tradition in country music. Featuring a full 45 minute interview, John Rex also sings 8 songs recorded in-studio. Songs include-Sing On Country Music, I Took a Memory to Lunch, I Love You Because, Four Walls, He'll Have to Go, Blue Side of Lonesome, Am I That Easy to Forget, and I Can't Stop Loving You. DVD-20.00

1.  Look Behind You                 11.  I�m Gettin� Better
2.  Old Love Letters                12.  Distant Drums
3.  Before I Died                        13.  Blue Side of Lonesome
4.  Am I Losing You                14.  Am I That Easy to Forget
5.  I Love You Because                15.  The One That Got Away
6.  I Guess I�m Crazy                16.  We Could
7.  Blues in My Heart                17.  Is It Really Over
8.  Four Walls                        18.  Welcome to My World
9.  He�ll Have to Go                19.  Snowflake
10.I Can�t Stop Loving You        20.  An Old Christmas Card


Latest release-11/28/11-John Rex Reeves at Home- Songs include: 1. Sing On Country Music  2. You Win Again  3. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It  4. Waltz Across Texas  5. After Loving You  6. How's the World Treating You  7. Adios Amigo  8. I've Lived a Lot in My Time  9. Ramblin' Rose  10. Three Quarter Time  11. Remember Me  12. The Tie That Binds  13. Across The Bridge  14. Nobody's Fool  15. Silver Haired Daddy  16. I'm Goin' to California  17. I Cried a Tear  18. World of Memories  19. Seven Spanish Angels  20. How Great Thou Art  (CD-15.00)

Look Behind You (There I'll Be), Released 9-10-10, Check out John Rex's latest cd. Songs include: 1. Look Behind You  2. Old Love Letters  3. Before I Died  4. Storms Never Last  5. Room Full of Roses  6. Run Away Little Tears  7. We Could  8. Amazing Love  9. Walk Through This World With Me  10. Shake a Hand (CD, $15.00)
Just released (7-15-10)! Enjoy some of John Rex's personal favorites on his latest cd: Love Songs and More. Just 15.00 plus shipping. Songs: 1. I Walk Alone  2. Are You Sincere  3. I'm a Fool to Care  4. Blue Eyes Cryin' in The Rain  5. I'd Rather Have Jesus  6. Love Me Tender  7. Looking Back  8. You Were Always On My Mind  9. The One That Got Away  10. Four Walls  11. Make Love To Me

Heart and Soul.
1.        A Little Bitty Tear
2.        Back Home Again
3.        Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
4.        Together Again
5.        Am I Losing You
6.        Blueberry Hill
7.        I Guess I�m Crazy
8.        I Love You Because
9.        Distant  Drums
10.        Some Days Are Diamonds
11.        The Next One�s On Me
12.        You Don�t Know Me
13.        Blues In My Heart
14.        Dance With Me Molly
15.        South Of The Border
16.        I Can�t Stop Loving You
17.        Am I That Easy To Forget
18.        Down The Road To Daddy�s Dreams
19.        He�ll Have To Go
20.        Welcome To My World
(CD, 20.00)
The Early Years, songs from early in John Rex's career-including 6 national chart records. This cd features 15 songs: 1. A Million and One 2. Small Enough to Crawl 3. You're the Reason 4. Till You Can Make it On Your Own 5. The Same Old Way 6. To Get To You 7. So Many Ways 8. Conscience I'm Guilty 9. Palm Tree in St. Lou 10. What Would You Do 11. Still in Houston Loving You 12. You Can't Stop Me 13. If I'm a Fool For Loving You 14. It Ain't No Big Thing, But It's Growing 15. When You See It For Yourself--CD-15.00.
From My Heart To Yours, featuring old and new favorites.  Songs featured: After All These Years, There Goes My Everything, Green, Green Grass of Home, Am I Losing You, I'm Gettin' Better, Blue Side of Lonesome, I Won't Stay Where I'm Not Wanted and Standing In The Middle of Lonely (both written by John Rex), A Tear Fell, and Is It Really Over. This cd is co-produced in Nashville by John Rex with the great Doyle Grisham and features a saxophone performance (A Tear Fell) by Amy Lee, saxophonist of Jimmy Buffet's Corral Reefer Band. (CD $15.00)


Songs of Faith - Featuring 10 of John Rex's favorite songs for believers. Songs featured: This World is Not My Own, It is No Secret, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, Mansion Over the Hilltop, I've Lived a Lot in My Time, Wayfarin' Stranger, One Day at a Time, Why Me Lord, Help Me, and Amazing Grace.  (CD $15.00)

SING ON COUNTRY MUSIC - Includes special tribute to country music song "Sing on Country Music", plus an array of beautiful ballads.1. Sing on Country Music 2. I Took a Memory to Lunch 3. Late in the Day 4. Is This All You Hear (When Your Heart Breaks)5. Happy Face 6. The Lady in the Blue Mercedes7. Leroy 8. Lonesome Whistle 9. Tears are Only Rain 10. Weakness of Man ( CD $15.00, Cassette $10.00 )



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